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Which One is Right for You? : If you’re a marketer, at some point you’ve probably heard that Facebook ads can deliver outstanding performance. That’s especially true when your ad uses one of Facebook’s many different ad formats. The key to success on Facebook is getting past what might seem like an overwhelming number of options and choosing which types of ads work best for your business. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes to know what types of ads you should consider running in each category—and how to craft an ad that performs well in each type of format. Here are seven Facebook ad formats, along with suggestions for when they should be used

To make a Facebook advertisement, first select your business page from which you want to create an ad. Next, under Create Ads, click on Ads Manager. There are several pieces of information that will be needed for creating your Facebook ad. The first is audience; therefore choose your targeted people. Click on Browse and select interests, demographics, or other similar options. You can target based on location, specific genders, age ranges, and more. Additionally, when you are deciding which mobile app to include in your ad campaign, it is important to know what type of customers use each app. It is also possible to include website links in order to direct users away from Facebook itself towards a specific website or link when they click on a particular advertisement.

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Facebook Pixel is a tool from Facebook that makes it easy to advertise on Facebook. In essence, Facebook pixel tags are like invisible images that you can place on your website, which track your visitors’ activity on your site and then use that data to display relevant ads to them in their News Feed. It's similar to remarketing with Google AdWords in that you're able to target people who have already visited your site or are likely looking for what you have to offer. You could have a whole separate post dedicated just to explaining how pixels work in depth but here's one of our articles if you'd like more information!